German beers (bottled)


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Named beers, ABV information and tasting notes (where information is available).

Aecht  Schlenkerla Marzen (Rauch), 500ml, 5.4% or 2.7 units – Smoked bacon with hints of almond

Andechsers Doppelbock Dunkel (Doppel), 500ml, 7.1% – Internationally famous dark winner. Guaranteed to knock your socks off

Andechsers Spezial Hell (Spezial), 500ml, 5.9% – A festival and event beer

Andechsers Weißbier Hell (Helles), 500ml, 4.8% – “Beer for daily enjoyment,” malty lager

Augustiner Helles (Helles), 500ml, 5.2% or 2.6 units – Superb, hoppy Munich helles

Augustiner Oktoberfest Bier (Spezial), 500ml, 6% or 3.0 units – Specialist beer for Munich Octoberfest

Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock (Doppel), 6.7% – Faust Dunkel (Dunkel), 500ml, 5.2% or 2.6 units – Malty, banana, clove, fruity goodness

Gut Forsting Export Hell (Helles), 500ml, 5.2% – Helles Schelenkerla Lagerbier, 500ml

Hollemdorfer Hefeweissbier, 500ml

Kneitinger Bock (Bock), 500ml, 6.5% or 3.25 units – Dark bock- seasonal

Paulaner Hell (Helles), 500ml, 4.9% or 2.5 units – Sparkling, light, slightly hoppy

Pyraser Angerwirts Weizen (Weizen), 500ml, 5.2% or 2.6 units – Hazy, dark amber, sweet, wheaty, malty

Pyraser Landbier Export Hell (Helles), 500ml, 5.4% or 2.7 units – Good, pale everyday German lager

Schneider Weisse Original, 500ml

Schneider Weisse Aventinus (Bock), 500ml, 8.2% or 4.1 units – Powerful, dark, moreish weizen

Tegernsee Spezial (Spezial), 500ml. 5.6% or 2.7 units – Dortmunder export lager

Warsteiner Fresh (Nablab), 500ml, 0.5% and 0.2 units – Low alcohol – acceptable

Zindorfer Landbier (Dunkel), 500ml, 5.0% or 2.5 units – Medium brown quaffing lager

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