Bottled beers from the rest of the world

Images are for illustration purposes only and may change. Download full bottled beer guide (Word)

Named beers, ABV information and tasting notes (where information is available).

Scottish beers



Brew Dog Punk Ipa (Ipa), 330ml, 5.6% or 1.8 units -Post-modern classic pale ale

Brew Dog Rip Tide (Stout), 330ml, 8.0% or 1.4 units – Outstanding British stout

Brew Dog Alice Porter (Porter), 330ml, 6.2% or 2.0 units – Rare Baltic-style dark ale

Brew Dog Hardcore Ipa (Ipa), 330ml, 9.2% or 3.0 units – Very, very well-hopped

Irish beers



Guinness F.E.S. (Stout), 330ml, 7.5% or 2.5 units – Foreign Extra Stout

Guinness Original (Stout), 330ml, 4.2% or 1.4 units – Basic Black Stuff

American beers




Anchor Liberty (Pale Ale), 355ml, 5.9% or 2.1 units – Hugely hoppy American pale.

Anchor Porter (Porter), 355ml, 5.2% or 1.9 units – Dark & rich from San Francisco.

Anchor Steam (Pale Ale), 355ml, 4.8% or 1.7 units – Ground-breaking American classic

Goose Island IPA (Pale Ale), 355ml, 5.8% or 2.1 units – Dark & rich from San Francisco

Sierra Nevada Pale (Pale Ale), 355ml, 5.5% or 2.0 units – Famous hoppy ale from the high country

Sierra Nevada Stout (Stout), 355ml, 5.5% or 2units


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