Can I bring my children to the Swan and Rushes? Of course! We observe all laws around serving children and would prefer that they were looked after responsibly and with consideration for other patrons, especially during busy services. Assuming you are happy with these ‘conditions’ then so are we.

Do you have baby change facilities? In the ladies restroom there is a counter, but not a changing unit. Please bring your own changing mat.

Can I bring my dog to the Swan and Rushes? As with children (and sometimes parents and friends!), we expect dog owners to ensure their dogs are kept safe and are no bother (or risk) to other patrons.

Where can I park? On street parking is available (for a fee before 6pm) on the surrounding streets. We sit in the midst of a one way area, so please investigate the map carefully before you set off. We expect all customers to drink with caution and have a legal obligation to reserve service if we feel you are over the limit and about to drive.

Can I bring a large party? We encourage everyone to come and visit us. If you are coming in a large party it might be useful to give us a bit of notice (such as a day or two) so that we can ensure we provide you with the best service possible, especially if you would like food as well.

I am in a wheelchair; can I get in? Absolutely, if you enter from the Oxford Street entrance. However, it is worth noting that our amenities are not the easiest to get around. This is an area we are hoping to improve in future.

I need a mobility scooter to get around. Will I be able to park it? We can nearly always find a place to store a scooter, with the possible exception of on match days. Even then, we will do what we can to assist you in your visit.

I’m a smoker – is there anywhere for me? Yes there is. We have a courtyard garden where you are welcome to sit and smoke your cigarettes, cigars or pipe.

What do other people say about the Swan and Rushes? We’re pleased to have a great reputation for outstanding beer and friendly service, but you don’t have to trust us. Use these links to hear what others say:

Yell.com |   This is Leicester | The Good Pub Guide | Rate beer reviews | Google reviews


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